August 9, 2021

Illustrating non-fiction books, working with the BBC and reinventing yourself | with Jo Moore


[00:01:04] Career overview
[00:02:48] Jo's first approach to illustration
[00:07:26] Her first paid job: working with Elle magazine
[00:09:39] Finding new work after Elle
[00:10:59] Choosing the kind of work to go after
[00:12:11] How did she get the next clients?
[00:14:04] Do you need an agent to get you in touch with art directors?
[00:16:42] The problems of a full-time illustration job
[00:18:45] Doing editorial work straight out of university (and the first contact with BBC)
[00:22:25] Transitioning to educational and non-fiction publishing for children
[00:25:29] What kind of illustrator should do non-fiction work?
[00:28:11] The importance of showcasing the right pieces on your portfolio
[00:29:36] Finding what you're all about & playing to your strengths as an illustrator
[00:38:53] Different kinds of illustrators you can become (the clients you choose matter)
[00:47:12] The perks of illustrating book series - and the risk of seeing it all go away
[00:50:24] Jo's approach to pricing book illustrations
[00:54:43] Royalties with fiction and non-fiction books
[00:58:39] Working on "The Dumping Ground" - a live-action series on the BBC
[01:04:20] Walking away from the steady work on BBC & getting excited about illustration once again
[01:17:15] Jo's current objectives & learning to use social media
[01:21:31] Her challenges in trying to start all over again
[01:35:09] The biggest lessons to learn from Jo's experience
[01:37:16] Getting in touch with Jo


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